Bad Luck This Week: Producing Video on Blended Learning

My Reflection for my Presentation on Blended Learning

Creating this visual presentation was a challenge in many ways, but worthy of my time. The topic was easy to choose since Blended Learning was a topic that I had interest since my school is possibly implementing it. Collecting the articles was easy. Blended Learning has been a topic of discussion since around 2007. Finding a way to publish my resources was at first challenge. I collected articles in my Evernote, Diigo and Twitter (because I like all of them and haven’t chosen a favorite, yet). I was able to sort many articles of interest, besides on the topic of Blended Learning, by notebook into Evernote. Trying to publish the articles into  was difficult. The slowness of the speed of the synchronization was bothersome. also is a fairly new company. The staff of course was helpful because want it to be successful. Frankly, there were not many educators using it, so they really wanted mine to work. I do have some articles published in, but I do not like how they look. Whatever is posted on has to be cut and pasted by the user into the post for the article. None of the articles posted were colorful, unless I cut and pasted a photo from the article into the note from Evernote. This is time consuming and I did not feel comfortable doing this. Here is my magazine if you would to see its format: A BLT: Blended Learning Teacher .

My next try was using Twitter TweetDeck, which I like. I sorted Tweets that I posted into collections, one being Hybrid/Blended Learning. Also though this is a great way to sort articles, it does take some extra time after tweeting. While tweeting, I discovered that several people that I followed, used to post articles into a magazine. I checked it out and liked the format and look. However, sometimes when I posted, I forgot to tag them under education, and they ended up under Science. I was able to add my Twitter timeline from my Tweetdeck on Hybrid/Blended Learning onto my Creating a magazine has made me feel as if I am contributing to the world, even though I don’t have anyone reading my articles as of last week. Since I added a few extra people’s magazines to my, there are some articles in it that are not on the topic. I hope to remedy this down the road. Sub scribe to A BLT: Blended Learning Teacher

Deciding how to make my presentation was difficult. I searched for different formats. I really didn’t want to make a slideshow because I had done that for another class, and it is really hard work. Then I wanted to use Present.Me. I wasn’t sure if that was an acceptable format for this type of presentation, but I do think that it would work well for a flipped classroom.

Then my creative ideas started to flow. I wanted to make a video that I recorded using a blender (since it is blended learning) as a prop for my video and add more of these type of items, maybe kitchen items and a few paper props. I couldn’t get my thoughts together on this idea.

So, next I tried PowToon for Education. Powtoons are fun to watch, but it has some flaws. I wrote my script, which had about 18 scenes, and spent 13 hours putting the scenes together in one day and night. Apparently, I didn’t save it enough, even though it says it auto saves everything. At 4:00 in the morning, my computer froze. After I ended the tasks, I went into the virus scanner and found out that one of the images that I had uploaded had a virus. Pow!


I lost all of the work I had done. The next day I got in touch with the creators of Powtoon. They checked all of my files and it was officially gone. However, I was given some Premium upgrades for free to try again. Thank you, PowToon.

So, after much thought, I started to work on it again a day later after getting caught up on my sleep. I figured, since I already had done it once, it should be easier the second time. You can record your audio script using audacity, but it has to be loaded in one setting and you can’t listen to it on PowToon as you make the scenes. I loaded an app on my phone and recorded my audacity script. I timed sections and placed the scenes in hoping that the timing with the audacity upload would match. It seemed to be taking me longer this time, but I was determined to finish. After 8 scenes, I went to bed.

My brain must have had enough rest to wrestle with my thoughts and organize them. When I woke up, I knew exactly how to create a video using the blender and kitchen items. So, that’s what I did! It was a lot of fun making it, although recording and moving items around was similar to the slide videos because timing was essential for fluidity. Towards the last third I got too many shadows, but I  was looking for lighting perfection this time.

blender learning

I really think that if something can go wrong it will because I could not find my cable to upload my videos from my phone. I tried using WiFi transfer, but the files weren’t accepted this way. Really! Believe me, I tried every method I could think of to get this done. I’m down to 30 hours to hand place it in my blog. Another strike out! I needed some sleep.

In the morning I decided to finish creating my PowToon video. Finally done, and now to publish. Guess what! The audio in not audible on my beautiful video of blended learning. How disappointing! I’ve sent an email to my PowToon collaborator and am waiting to find out the problem. The video is awesome to see and matches the script when I play it separately. Wow, is all I can say! It can be watched on YouTube:  Blended Learning. Here is the script for the audio to follow along until the problem can be resolved. Script for Blended Learning Video Presentation @

Which plan am I on now? Hmmm! Best Buy was still open. I have six hour to finish. With the cable I was able to upload my blender videos and trim them. My Movie Maker is now acting strangely. When I get the blender Blended Learning video finished, I will publish it on this post. Hopefully tonight. It is a bit corny after viewing it, but you might get a few chuckles out of it. If you don’t like it, watch my Youtube Powtoon.

Until then, never ever think that you can make a 5 minute video in one week!!!

I have learned some good information about blended learning and feel as though I could guide peers who wanted information about the topic. All of my thoughts about blended learning are reflected in the video (or the script). I believe that it could be used in any way to suit a school district’s needs. I hope that I can be a co-teacher in a blended classroom. Blended learning encompasses so much that when I collect articles for my magazine, I include flipped learning, special education concerns with technology, using technology with various subjects, and even gamification.

Good News Finally! A youtube video is complete! (Think outside the box while watching it!): Blended Learning 3

 Latest update: 8/11/14: PowToon by gmail and their support mail, have informed me that they will get back with me in 24 – 48 hours. I’m posting my presentation from PowToon in case you would be back in touch with me in 24 – 48 hours.


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