Let me introduce myself. I’m Deb Black, a veteran elementary special education teacher. I’ve had many roles in my teaching career, from having a classroom of students from K -6 with multi-disabilities who were considered part-time due to being in the classroom much of the school day, to being what I am currently, an itinerant learning support teacher who instructs small groups or one-on-one to students who are mostly learning disabled or in tier three RTII intervention groups. I’m also an inclusive co-teacher.  This coming year, I’m even going to travel between two buildings.  I consider teaching a professional adventure. The students are the best part! They make the adventure exciting, interesting and add spark to my life. The paperwork and data collection is the grueling part which I wish didn’t exist.

I love learning, which is why I’m in the Instructional Media Masters program at Wilkes University.  Searching for new ideas and helping people as a resource person motivates me to continue my adventure.

Personally, I have two sons who are following their dreams. Both have graduated from universities. One is an environmental/marine manager with NOAA. The other is a growing media artist. Both live far from home and are truly missed, but my husband and I are very proud of them and glad that they are happy! The oldest just got married in California, my first trip to the Pacific.  Now my house has three cats to entertain me, along with my husband!

Here’s an informative June, 2014 article on dyslexia: the neuroscience, viewpoint from a student and parent, the education paradox, the possibilities of early intervention

“Predicting Dyslexia Even Before Children Learn to Read” from Mind/Shift: How We Learn,  June 24, 2014 @ http://blogs.kqed.org/mindshift/2014/06/predicting-dyslexia-even-before-children-learn-to-read/



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